Car rental There are several companies where you can hire a car. We have discount agreements for our guests with the car rental companies listed below. Yor car Yor car offers a 15% discount when you book using this link: . The discount is calculated on the rental price and insurance  type selected on the online form. Unfortunately, no discount can be given on toll charge, airport tax, late fee, etc. To   apply   for   the   discount,   write   ‘15%   discount   Pedras   Verdes   Guesthouse’   in   the   comment   field.   Website   and booking form are in English. Amoita Amoita    offers    a    7.5%    discount    on    care    hire    ( excluding     extras)    when    you    book    using    this    link: . Write   ‘Pedras   Verdas   Guesthouse’   in   the   field   Special   Requests ’   to   apply   for   the   discount.   Website   and booking form are in English. Information on the A22 toll charge system The   A22   has   electronic   toll   collection.   Most   car   rental   companies,   including   those   mentioned   above,   have   an   electronic device in their cars to automatically pay tolls. The rental company will settle the toll charge with you.
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