Algarve - Portugal In   the   Algarve,   the   most   southern   province   of   Portugal,   the   winters   feel   like   spring   and   the   enjoyable   warm   summers   are accompanied by a nice refreshing breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. The   Algarve   has   a   lot   to   offer.   You   will   find   bright   blue   skies,   an   azure   sea,   rocky   coasts,   small   bays,   far   stretching   sandy beaches, and beautiful, rugged nature with rolling hills inland, ideal for bird watching. There   are   fashionable   marinas   and   lovely   old   towns   and   villages.   You   can   enjoy   a   wide   range   of   sporting   activities   from hiking to golf. Beautiful cities are not far away, for example Lisbon (2½ hours' drive) and Seville (1½ hours' drive). Each guestroom has a comprehensive folder packed with useful information on activities, local attractions and restaurants. For more inspiring information Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) - Birdwatching in the Algarve - Golf locations in the Algarve -
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